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  1. theja

    theja Member

    Can anyone give me any idea how can I turn my SE mini pro into a wifi hotspot? I found many people are asking similar question (not from this forum) but I did not notice any good answer. So this is possible or not?
    Thank U

  2. DJesse

    DJesse New Member

    yes it is, just go to settings, wireless and network(im from holland so i dont know how that settings are called in english, just i bit like that;) ) en then you see mobile hotspot/tethering, thats is!

    when it doesnt work, i read something about the app: OpenGarden, i think you should google it if the hotspot in your settings doesnt work
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  3. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    DJesse is essentially correct, the steps are exactly as outlined, once you have tapped on the Wireless hot spot option it will take you through the setup. You may need to speak with your current network provider to have them send you the correct internet settings and occasionally to enable it on your account.
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