wifi in nexus s stopped working

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  1. NexusS India

    NexusS India New Member

    Hi, i need some help, i have a nexus s and using it in India.. my wifi was working absolutly fine 2 days back and suddenly it stopped working. The wifi sign on top of the phone doesn't appear anymore, it just shows scanning and get disco. the wifi network in my home is working fine as i am able to connect via laptop and iPod touch but not through nexus s. I did the factory reset, took out the battery for 10 minutes but nothing helped and now have lost all my apps :( and still not able to connect to wifi.. please please please help....
    Device:nexus s
    Country / Language:India
    OS / Browser / build number (if applicable):2.3.1
    email: avnishvashist@gmail.com

  2. NexusS India

    NexusS India New Member

  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Did you try rebooting the wifi router?
  4. NexusS India

    NexusS India New Member

    thanks for the reply.
    yeah, many times but nothing helped.. even 2.3.4 is not working.. but i have to check it under different wifi networks.. coz till now i have been using it in home only and its stopped working there. I even deleted the mac-id of the NS from the wifi provider's list but that didn't helped either.
    3g costs a lot in india if you wanna stay online for a longer time via mobile.. so thats y need this working...
  5. sbstreater

    sbstreater Active Member

    I've just had a Nexus S upgrade - did you get this, and is it what broke your WiFi?
  6. sbstreater

    sbstreater Active Member

    PS I use the "Android System Info" app - this may tell you more about the state of your WiFi.
  7. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's having some sort of issue with your Wi-Fi's encryption type. Try using WPA (aka TKIP) instead of WPA2 (aka AES). You may even consider trying WEP if it still isn't working. WEP is a pretty weak encryption compared to WPA, but it'll still keep pesky neighbors off of your network.

    Also, check what channel your router is broadcasting on. Depending on your Nexus S model, it may only be compatible with channels 1-11, though most should work with channels 1-14, I believe.

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