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  1. canalrun

    canalrun Member

    I am looking for a Wi-Fi phone application for an android phone (Samsung Vibrant) that will take incoming calls using a standard phone number. I've looked at all the usual suspects, Skype, sipdroid, GV, PBXes.org, but they all just don't seem quite right.

    Anyone know of something like that? Cheap outgoing calls is not my primary need. Being able to receive calls from a landline (or cell phone) while not paying for cell phone minutes is the main requirement.

    I am in the USA.


  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    That would be nice. Also does anybody know if Google Voice is adding actual VOIP to their service/app?
  3. gcobb

    gcobb Well-Known Member

    I have a Google phone number with the Voice app. I didn't know I could receive phone calls on that number but I can. I just don't know if it comes across data or the phone plan.

    If Skype would get off their arses we wouldn't be having this problem.
  4. canalrun

    canalrun Member


    How about Gizmo5? They sell invites on eBay. Would this give me an incoming phone number so I would be able to use Wi-Fi to receive short incoming calls? And be able to make short outgoing calls? both to and from land lines or cell phones?

  5. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member

    To the OP you do realize that the T-Mobile Vibrant will have, or does have with the leaked Froyo ROM, Wifi Calling that uses your T-Mobile phone number. All it does is attach the phone to the T-Mobile network through a WIFI connection. Just Google Wifi Calling and you will get tons of info.

    Sorry didn't see that you were trying to make free calls, so ignore my post.
  6. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    SIPdroid updated today and it said something about how it could set up a free account on pbxes and link an existing GV number to it. Maybe there's a way to forward your gv number and have it come through sipdroid.

    Also, gizmo5 should be able to do that.
  7. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    When you call VoIP endpoints using VoIP, the call is basically free. However, anytime a cell phone or land line is involved, a termination fee usually goes to someone, somewhere. For people to be able to call a landline, somone is terminating that call at some place. Vonage (for example) terminates the calls on the PSTN for you, and charges you for it. They all give you a widely reachable DID of your own for others to reach you when they need to, but it all runs through their switches...and they pay for the circuits they use in each of their cities.

    If you want free, then Google, or some other entity who doesn't care about losing money is your best bet. Someone has to pay the bills if it isn't you who is going to pay. I figure Google makes up for this in other ways and isn't concerned with taking a loss in this department.

    Who else provides termination to PSTN for free? There shouldn't be too many people out there willing to take on this cost for you...if you find one, please update this thread.

    Do you work for a company with an IP PBX? There are apps out there which work with certain PBX vendors which would give you what you need. In this case however, your company is the one paying your termination fees.
  8. canalrun

    canalrun Member

    I got a solution working last night which seems to do what I want. It was late though so I will be testing it a little further. I hope this description helps someone else. I wrote this on Nov 21, 2010.

    I have a Samsung Vibrant with no "cellular account" - that is I cannot make calls or transfer data via the cellular connection. Kind of like no SIM card. I have a Wi-Fi network set up at home which the vibrant and computers connect to. I am in the USA.

    I have a Google voice account with a local phone number. I Use sipdroid, sipgate, and Google Voice. I installed sipdroid from the android market. I then went online and signed up for a sipgate account requesting a voip phone number in the 415 area code. I set sipdroid settings to point to the sipgate account (using the sip credentials; settings page click sip credentials in blue area on right, as authorization and password).

    Then I tested by placing a call from my home phone to the 415 area code number - it rang my cell phone connected via Wi-Fi. Then I placed a call from my cell phone, using sipdroid, to my home phone. Both tests worked - good so far.

    Then I set Google Voice to forward to the 415 area code number. My Google Voice number is in my area code. I tested placing calls from both phones again - this time using my Google Voice number to call my cell phone. Worked - Yee Ha! It was then time for bed.

    It worked last night. Hopefully, it will work today.

    I realize I will have to pay a few cents per minute for these phone calls, but I only use about 5 min. of phone call time per year. This is far better than $40 per month and $.45 per minute for T-Mobile phone calls.

  9. ames12

    ames12 New Member

    How is this working for you?
  10. TimDH

    TimDH New Member

    I basicly have the same setup and it works great on either WiFi or 3g. When someone calls my GV# it forwards to my Sipgate number and Sipgate rings. I noticed to that in this scenario that incoming does not count against my minutes at Sipgate. Only outgoing. So configured my phone so when a regular call is coming in from a caller I know is not in the Verizon family that I don't answer then it forwards to my Sipgate # then my Sipdroid rings. I have HTC incredible. Sometimes when I get calls over the regular cell system Sipdroid forcecloses and I have to clear the window before answering the call.

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