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    i bought a new Xperia Arc, and i have a wireless data internet connection (BSNL broad band) in my laptop...and i thought to connect and run internet through my laptop's WiFi on my Xperia Arc.... so for it, i installed connectify, by which my laptop is converted to a WiFi router.... but the problem arises when my arc does not detect my laptop's WiFi connection.....And my nokia phone detect the wifi from my laptop and even connects to it.

    but my Xperia arc can detect all others WiFi connections and even connects to them.

    any body having any idea about this please help me over....waiting desperately.
  4. @pradyumnnanu,

    Our phones does not support ad-hoc WiFi which is the simple reason for why you cannot get to work. What you need to do is to set up your computer as a WiFi access point.
    I'm no expert on this but this guide should help you. :)

    Hope it works. :)

    Sony Ericsson Answers Team

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