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  1. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    Ok I have this little issue. When I first got the Warp it worked fine on connecting to the Wifi at my home. Now it tries to connect but only gets up to obtaining IP address then disconnects. Any thoughts on this?

  2. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    reset your router, my older router needs to be reset once in a while... I am on DSL and probably reset the router every couple months, if you don't have a reset button, just unplug it for 15 seconds and plug it back in.

    It's not the phone most likely, just a guess but a good one :)
  3. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    I experience the same issue, and reset my router daily. I have found reserving an IP for my phone through the router's config DHCP reservation, and entering that static IP in wifi settings, does help, but I know personally my router is just old and in need of replacement. But as a tip, the static/reservation helped for me.
  4. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I kind of forgot about this post and meant to do an update LOL

    Ok so router wasn't the issue, never rebooted it as everything else on wireless was fine. It was the phone.

    I downloaded an app from the market called FXR Wifi fix and rescue. Ran the app, rebooted, and wireless has been fine since.

    This app does delete any wireless profiles you have saved and resets all the wifi info. It did work for me. I have had no issues since I used it.
  5. ptmarzullo

    ptmarzullo Well-Known Member

    I had the same wifi issues. Got tired of resetting my router all the time. I was still able to exchange it to Best Buy so I did. I had a Belkin that worked terribly, I went with Netgear because of price. It works perfectly. I have not had to reset my router in over a week and a half and that is from several times a day. I also use a program, or am trying it out to see how it works called wifixer. Supposed to help out with connection errors. And then there is always just the old way of resetting your router....what a pain !

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