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    Nov 20, 2012
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    Hi been having some issues after ICS update (from GB), decided to do a Factory Resest (the easy-way through settings) all went well, and it seems to have solved some of the issues, but one issue still persists:
    WiFi refreshing/updating issues, when i turn the phone on, it searches and connects to any known WiFi but after a while, if i try to turn off the WiFi (through settings) it looks like it freezes a bit, if i go back in the menu and forward again to see the WiFi status it's still on, and also if i scan for WiFis it does nothing.
    The only solution is to reboot the phone...i've done some searching and a lot of people are having similar issues with ICS update (although most of them have Samsung devices)

    Is anyone having the same issue? Maybe a Factory Reset (the hard-way through boot) will solve this?

    Device: Xperia U
    Model: ST25i
    Android OS: v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    Kernel: v3.0.8
    Misc: Not rooted; Other than GO Switch, i haven't any wifi related app installed.

    Thanks for reading.


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