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  1. diilbert

    diilbert New Member

    I brought my Transformer Pad 300 home yesterday and was on it all evening than later last night and into this morning the wifi connection kept dropping. It would be out for 2-3 minutes than it would reconnect itself automatically.

    I have several laptops and a Bluray player using the wireless without issue. Any suggestions?


  2. pharscape

    pharscape Member

    I have not had this problem with the TF300 but my phone would drop its bluetooth audio link when it lost a wifi link. If bluetooth is enabled try disabling it? Just an idea.
  3. diilbert

    diilbert New Member

    Since we hardly use more than 1 wifi enabled device at a time it turned out one of the laptops were having the same issue. Not sure if it was environmental or related to the router, but it works perfectly now.

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