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Wifi mgr showing slow connectionSupport

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  1. paulsaz

    paulsaz Member

    I bought the Elite for Virgin at BB on Friday and am having a wifi issue. I can connect to my router ok, but using Wifi Manager it says I am connecting at 1Mbps to around 6Mbps with and excellent signal. Router is a Rosewill N300 and my Other devices connect at 150-300 Mbps. Also my Optimus V is showing connecting at 18 Mbps. I rand speedtest.net on both phones and both are showing download speeds of over 9000kbps. Also the elite is showing mine plus 5 of my neighbors signal, while the Optimus only shows 2 or 3 networks. So, is this just a software issue of the Elite giving me the wrong connection speed?

  2. paulsaz

    paulsaz Member

    An update, it appears when the phone first boots, wifi connects at 52Mbps, but then slowly starts dropping down to 1Mbps. The phone is 2 feet from the router. I wonder if I have a hardware problem. I loved how easy it was to put roms on the Optimus V, has anyone come up with an easy way to get CMW recovery on this phone. I rooted with poot.

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