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  1. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis Well-Known Member

    I was using my home wifi network. (OUR WIFI) Received option Window; two options: 'cancel' or 'forget'. Took 'forget'.
    Now GN doesn't see OURWIFI '.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Active Member

    Try going to settings and make sure wifi is turned on, then hit scan button at the top right of screen. If yhat doesnt work I would turn tablet off and see if it sees your network when turned back on.
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  3. saltz

    saltz Well-Known Member

    You might also try rebooting your wireless router and modem.
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  4. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis Well-Known Member

    Solved problem, net gear went bad, bought linksys, much faster. Thanks to both who responded.

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