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  1. VBScab

    VBScab New Member

    Hi. Since the middle of last week, my S4 has been continuously popping up this message. It doesn't matter which wifi network I'm connected to - and, contrary to what the pop-up says, the connection is good - it pops up every minute or so and is *intensely* annoying.

    At first I thought it was the 'WiFi Priority' app but I killed that and restarted the phone and still see the pop-up.

  2. VBScab

    VBScab New Member

    It seems like it was either the "WiFi Priority" or the "BT WiFi" app.

    I was unaware that apps run other processes in the background. Using 'Application Manager' and selecting 'Show cached processes' showed that parts of these apps were still running. Once they were killed, the messages stopped. I have contacted the vendor of "WiFi Priority" but shan't bother with BT - any message I ever send to them, irrespective of what business unit it is always solicits an automated reply and then....tumbleweed!

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