Wifi networks not in range??

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  1. Scarps

    Scarps Member

    I got the Hero on 3UK yesterday. As soon as I booted it up it found a number of wireless networks and I was able to connect to my BeBox with no problems.
    Later on last night and continuing today, it can't find any networks in range. It shows the BeBox as 'remembered' but not in range. Even tho I'm obviously sitting near it.
    I've rebooted the phone today and no change.
    I installed the Fonera app yesterday and thought it might be causing probs so disabled it and still the problem was there

    Anyone got any ideas?



  2. Scarps

    Scarps Member

    Managed to get it working after a while

    I clicked 'add a new network' and just entered some rubbish text and clicked 'save'. That process seemed to wake up the wifi network search and I managed to see the available networks..
    then they disappeared
    So I repeated the 'add network' process and they appeared and after 2 attempts I was able to log onto the BeBox.

    Is this a bug? does anyone else have this problem?


  3. TF1984

    TF1984 Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. My Hero connected to my Home Network Flawlessly for about 2 weeks.

    Lately, it connects but as soon as it sleeps and is woken, it lists my network as "not in range, remembered"
    If I disable Wifi the enable, it will pick the network back up, but again as soon as it sleeps it rolls back into the "range" issue. I have my Hero set on top of my wirelss router, I'm quite positive it's in range!!
  4. infus

    infus New Member

    hi TF1984
    I have the same problem with my infuse. What did you finally do with your cellphone?
  5. zephyr88

    zephyr88 New Member

    My Android was like that too
    but recently my wifi start working smoothly
    by made it forgot the network then reboot
    after reboot , finally my android can detect the wifi

    so mind try it ..
    hope it can help you guys ...

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