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Wifi networks please?Support

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  1. miniature45

    miniature45 Well-Known Member

    When I go into my settings there are two wifi networks.
    I know what the first one is,BTHub3-GTFR, it is my home wifi from BT
    There is another one, however named TALKTALK-FAAC98, can anyone tell me what this is, as I do not have internet with talktalk, I used to use talktalk for my phonecall charges, but now, am all moved to BT

    Many thanks

  2. kaybee327

    kaybee327 Member

    It is a wifi router from one of your neighbours. Don't worry about it just ignore.

    As you say you can see your own router and that is all that matters

  3. kaybee327

    kaybee327 Member

    Deleted - posted to wrong question DUH
  4. miniature45

    miniature45 Well-Known Member

    thank you

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