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Wifi not connecting after device wakeup from sleepSupport

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  1. vvmenon

    vvmenon Member

    Hi, Just bought a dell streak with Android froyo 2.2 in it. I am having issues with Wifi. Each time after wakeup, I have to manually go and connect to my default wifi connection. This is very much annoying. The system shows that it is scanning and shows a list of wifi connections. But against my default connection it displays a message disabled. Dont know why. But, my iphone is quickly finding the network and connecting. Please help. Screen Shot is here: : Android wifi settings menu | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    THanks in advance for your help... If i cant find a solution to this problem, only option is to sell streak and go for iphone 4 - the no problem phone.

  2. bigtoysrock

    bigtoysrock Well-Known Member

    Mine use to do it with my dlink router, but now its on my 2wire and no issues. Im sure you have tried this already but forget the one your trying to use and re connect it.

    Also my wife has a 3gs and it did the same thing with that router.
  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Never had that problem, but then I had the problem when it went to "sleep" it would shut off the wifi and turn on the 3G and cost me for downloads overnight. I set the wifi to "never off" and turned off the 3G completely, then I manually turn on the 3G when I want to use it, but that is really rare as I am always in a Wifi hotspot or on my motorcycle :D
  4. vvmenon

    vvmenon Member

    Android is pathetic. It is full of Bugs - if wifi works for me, it wont work for you. If phone is not freezing for you, then it will freeze for me. There is no consistency in the bugs either.
    For a brand new Dell streak, the wifi is not connecting. Nothing much can be done. Google unable to give answer. Keep off from buying Android phones.

    Better to go with iphone or blackberry -

    Wifi issue video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qHMFqZ2Uj4
  5. Scimajor

    Scimajor Member

    Wifi connection issues are not confined to the realm of Android only. My desktop running Windows 7 had (had to shut down certain services to avoid this issue) serious connection issues even when hard wired. My brother's iPad wouldn't connect to his router until he purchased a new router. My Wii would not connect to my router until I changed to another passkey (didn't like the old one?). My son's nintendo DXi refused to connect the our router one day but the next day (and ever after) had no troubles even though he made no changes to the network settings on his DXi.

    Despite what we'd like to believe the wireless industry is still in it's infancy. You can think of it as a never ending beta period.
  6. jap1996

    jap1996 New Member

    Hello. Same problem here. Wifi scanning, won't connect even though it sees my network.
    Is there a command or script to enter in the root terminal? Please help.
  7. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello jap1996. Just jumped in here to extend a welcome to Android Forums.
    I'll also add that I bought a new laptop for the wife last fall. It refused to connect. After much frustration I replaced the router and now everything works. I have no clue what was wrong but routers are cheap these days.

    Hey have fun on AF. I hope you can solve your problem.

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