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  1. Veronykah

    Veronykah Member

    I guess I have 2 questions.
    It seems my Moto X disconnects from Wifi to save battery power however, when it's charging or charged it doesn't turn the wifi back on. I have to go to settings and manually turn the wifi back on, even when I am at home on a remembered network.

    Is there a way to change this? I don't want it to turn off the wifi if it is on a trusted network, ever.
    I also want it to automatically connect to a trusted network.
    I keep finding myself on 4g when I am at home, wasting my data allotment without noticing as I've never had a phone that did this.

    Hope someone can help, I've looked everywhere and can't find out how to change these settings.

  2. titetanium

    titetanium Well-Known Member

    Settings > WiFi > settings/advanced > WiFi optimization - uncheck this. Also set Keep WiFi on during sleep to always. That should fix your issue.
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