WiFi not extremely slow or no connect in morning or after a whileGeneral

WiFi does it not work in the morning or after a while and you have to toggle wifi off and on

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  1. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    I was not sure but now I am that every morning or after a while of the phone siting idle WiFi is either extremely slow or does not work.

    To cure is to switch to another WiFi or toggle it off and back on (this works best).

    Do I have a defective unit or are others the same out there and a software patch will fix hopefully.

    Well I turned off everything in Google+ and this morning my phone worked great and also when I got home from work it was great. I'm going to reinstall some of the wifi stuff I need and see how goes, but I would have to say it was Google+, still baffles me that Google would make an app that would do this

    this is what I did
    in Google+
    Went into settings
    turned off messenger
    turned off hangouts
    under instant upload turned off

  2. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    Mine seems working fine for the majority of the time. I just turn it off overnight, as I don't need it to be up and running.
  3. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    One should not have to turn off either the phone or WiFi at night.
    It should always just work
  4. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    Well, I leave the phone just beside the bed, and I am afraid the phone radio/wifi radio may be harmful, so I just turn it off.
  5. SDotNY

    SDotNY Well-Known Member

    Same here.. When I get home or into my gym where I have a wifi setup the phone usually takes quite a bit of time to connect. If I attempt to use it before it does actually connect that's when I'll toggle it off and on quickly and it connects right away. I tried that mod where you turn off the wifi power save mode but same deal.
  6. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    I had a problem with WiFi connection until I uninstalled the WeFi and Wi-Fi Tracker apps I had installed and now it connects with no problems. I can only guess they must have conflicted with each other?
  7. scooz16

    scooz16 Well-Known Member

    that is an issue. Mine connects INSTANTLY. Like in less than a half a second. I'm amazed every time.
  8. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    What I get is this
    I get home Siii connects fine every time but on some occasions I have to toggle WiFi off and on and then it goes fast but I think some times it is either slow or not working until I toggle the WiFi

    Now this is usually always happens in the morning some times I can toggle just to my 5g WiFi or vice versa and it works.

    I have tried static IP and I am still getting the same.

    It also happens if I am in the house for a while , all of a sudden I pick up my phone to try something out and nothing even tho it always shows me connected. I have to switch to 5Ghz WiFi or vice versa or even that does not work and I have to toggle WiFi off and on but this always works

    I have tried all of this with power savings on and off.
  9. Jeepmaster

    Jeepmaster Well-Known Member

    Mine does the same thing, can't figure out why.
  10. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    I called verizon, and all with this problem should call to.

    Now tech support told me it would be fixed in a future update the wifi (dont know or not but if more call in than it actually may)

    Im starting to think that it may be an app that is not fully compatible with our phones, but certainly don't hold me to that, I still think it may be samsungs problem.

    Now I did this tonight
    I removed the battery and sim waited 30 seconds reinstalled turned everything back on and guess what........... Same wifi problem, I had to cycle wifi off and on and change to 5ghz.

    Now my other devices work absolutely great on either of my normal or 5 ghz wifi, so that leaves the phone to this problem.

    I also have some type of 3g problem, it takes apps 2 times to get connection, I don't know what is going on but it seems like it is going down hill.
  11. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    My phone with this WiFi issue has hit an all time low this morning .

    I had all kinds of problems and also saw screen redrawn slow so I disabled WiFi and guess what ....on 3g screen redraw was fast.

    So I started to uninstall every WiFi test type of app and still nothing.

    On my way to work this morning I decided to look into all installed apps and (I'll give update tonight or tomorrow) but I used kies WiFi so I cleared the cache and disabled Verizon backup. And I think so far my phone seems better.

    Will update tonight, I hope this is it cause I'm running out of ideas.
  12. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    I think I just tracked it down

    Every time I rebooted my wifi was crap and I would have to turn off and on the wifi toggle in the wifi settings, I tried a widget and it did not help I had to go into the settings (I dont know why or ??).

    Also as I stated somewhere there was a program always using data and I could not figure out what

    Well I just went into Google +

    do I need to say more.....

    Went into settings
    turned off messenger
    turned off hangouts
    under instant upload on
    under instant upload when to upload photos only on wifi
    under instant upload when to upload videos only on wifi
    under instant upload turn off roaming uploads
    under instant upload turn on only when charging

    I did all that and did my shutdown and restart of the phone and my wifi is working without turning off and on or changing to the 5gzh band wifi.

    This may or most likely have been my 3g data problem or related to it.
    I just checked my data and im only used 1.4gig so...

    I will keep this thread updated

    I just had to do the wifi toggle thing again:mad:
  13. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Well it seems to be Google +
    I tuned off the picture sync so all is tuned off now in the settings of Google + and I woke up this morning and low and behold I have WiFi without toggle ...

    Who would have thought Google of all. Would make a app to cause this.

    Anyone else use Google + , do you get the same results?
    I only used it for the picture sync so maybe time to just uninstall it?
  14. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Well I turned off everything in Google+ and this morning my phone worked great and also when I got home from work it was great. I'm going to reinstall some of the wifi stuff I need and see how goes, but I would have to say it was Google+, still baffles me that Google would make an app that would do this:(

    this is what I did
    in Google+
    Went into settings
    turned off messenger
    turned off hangouts
    under instant upload turned off

    I guess not many use this from here or I would have some kind of reply:confused:
  15. Same problem. EVERY morning wifi is on but says none of my remembered networks are in range. I have to toggle wifi off/on and it immediately connects to my network. It's happened during the day too. I just changed the wifi setting to never sleep so we'll see if that helps.
  16. dsmith123

    dsmith123 New Member

    I am sitting about 5 feet from my wireless router. As I look at the phone screen, I keep getting notice across bottom of screen that it has connected to my router. Maybe a minute later it shows again. And if I am using wifi like browser, it will often not connect, and then when the notice shows again, I can refresh and it works fine. Like it is dropping connection and then reconnecting. Any ideas?
  17. dsmith123

    dsmith123 New Member

    After trying about everything I could think of on the phone, I unplugged my wireless router. Left it alone for about 30 seconds, and plugged it back in. No more notations that my phone is re-connecting. Guess it was the router.
  18. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    I did not have that specific problem, mine showed I was connected but just would not do anything internet related (meaning, apps would just tell me there is no internet, something like that).

    My solution was Google+ app in my case, that was the cause of it. An app could be the cause of yours but (see below) one of my routers would constantly cause my devices on it to do what you describe, boy was I glad to trash that wifi router. We dont know enough to say what in your case, does the phone do it at a friends house or work?

    If not then it is your wifi router

    If it does then it could be like in my case an app ("Ballymoss" {look above for their post} said they uninstalled wifi apps and their phone was fixed, or in my case it was the Google+ app)

    Or it could be a bad phone but I would suspect one of the above.
    Anyway let us know so this thread will help others that encounter these problems please.;)

    I would have definitely started with the wifi router, 75% of the time it is that.

    Thats great that it fixed it, I have an apple airport extreme, I have had lots of routers thru the years and this apple one is the most reliable, more coverage, easy usability, than any other router I had (no I did not own every router out there, but at least one from just about every brand, well the major ones).
  19. Yeah the issue persists beyond my home network. I sometimes don't notice it until I get to work, where it won't connect to that network either ("not in range") until I toggle the wifi. I forgot to mention, it also doesn't do anything when you hit scan.

    Sure, I'll see if anything is different tomorrow morning.
  20. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Maybe its time for a factory data reset, I know I did not want to do this, but if all else failed.

    Have you tried this, wait until you get the problem and try during your problem

    hold home button until your task manager and remove all show
    choose task manager
    choose clear memory

    when I did this when I had mine it made my phone better even for a minute, and that is what led me to an app problem, may not help but I would try.
  21. Storm Eagle

    Storm Eagle Well-Known Member

    I was ready to swap my phone out then I saw this thread and turning off all that Google plus crap worked. Phone is perfect now. Was my only problem.. the toggle WiFi constantly... freaking constantly

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