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  1. Andy Forum

    Andy Forum Member

    I've read a few variations along this thread but none the same as mine.:( The problem is that my wifi is on i.e. a can use kies air to my laptop wirelessly and watch downloaded videos/play music on my phone via my wifi connection to my smart box but when I click on my bookmarked webpages or try accessing via google search I get the "web page not available" screen :confused::confused::confused: . I have tried the static ip address/rebooting the router etc etc but to no avail. Oh and the final confusing thing is that I my google account works on wifi along with the bbc/sky news,iplayer app. Anybody got any ideas please. Oh I forgot to mention that the bookmarks do work when I'm not connected via wifi.

  2. Andy Forum

    Andy Forum Member

    An update to my thread!!! Found another thread which says if you delete the proxy settings it will work again...and it does...but then this proxy address repopulates itself. It's really annoying!!! Is it possible to disable completely and hence keep my wifi connection working fully? I presume this proxy was disabled before which is why it used to work before.
  3. Kris08

    Kris08 New Member

    Wifi is working fine phone can read the wifi as excellent but cannot connect with the Internet how can I troubleshoot it?
  4. Pacifist

    Pacifist New Member

    Hi, I registered to answer your question!

    I have had my phone do this too, where it would connect to the wifi, but no internet access. To solve this, I have had to go into Settings > Wireless & Network > Wi-Fi Settings, then press the menu button (the physical button, found on the front of the phone), then select Advanced. Once on the advanced screen, disable Static IP, and make sure you save your settings! Then disable your Wi-Fi, re-enable it, and reconnect to the network.

    Hope this helps!

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