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Wifi on Samsung Galaxy Young stopped workingSupport

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  1. LoveSalvatores

    LoveSalvatores New Member

    I've had my samsung galaxy young for over 3 months now and I have been using wifi. Suddenly the other day when I tried using it, it was no longer working. The Wifi shell-like "bar" still appears on the screen and it is filled and seems that it is connected. Wifi settings also say it is connected but then when I try to use the internet, it says that it's not connected. please help! Thanks!

  2. talhaismail

    talhaismail Well-Known Member

    According to the information you have provided, it seems that theres an issue with ur Internet Connection, not Galaxy Y :)
  3. Well! No Need To Panic :)
    Just Follow These Easy Steps As A First-Aid (In Case THey Do Not Work I'll Get In Detail)
    1.Turn Off Wifi AND Reboot Your System
    2. Check Wifi Settings
    3. Check Your Wifi Router Whether it is properly functioning or not
    Last Can You Factory Reset Your Phone Tell ME If They Work! :)
    Factory Reset Would Definatly Work :)
    The Tech Lover
    Url - Udbhav Katyal | Facebook

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