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WiFi Poor Connection Problem with WiSpiSupport

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    CVOLVO New Member

    Hello: I'm new to this forum and am seeking your experience to help me set my L7 to allow me to connect to what may be a weak WiFi signal.

    I'm using my LG Optimus L7 as a game console for my WiSpi helicopter.

    Although I have what appears to be an excellent signal with my WiSpi helicopter, my L7 fails to connect, indicating there`s a poor connection. The diagnostic indicates that I can turn off this condition but there appears to be no command to allow this. This has happened with other router WiFi connections, with the same message.

    At this point I don't know if there's a problem with the WiSpi helicopter but since I have seen this error trying to connect to a weak WiFi signal, I suspect the L7.

    I do have connectivity within the WiFi interface to the SSID, but cannot make the connection. I will post screen images when it's permissible.

    Thank you


    CVOLVO New Member

    I'll try to post the screen shots now:




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