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  1. JAMENA1000

    JAMENA1000 New Member

    I recently got a new modem and ever since then my samsung galaxy y wifi isn't working properly. When I turn on the wifi I put in the WPA code and it connects. The internet works fine for a few minutes but then the wifi inexplicably disconnects. It wont reconnect and when I "forget" the network so I can try to reconnect, my phone cant even find the network. I have to turn it off and turn it back on again every time i want to use the internet for five minutes. This never happened with my last modem but my sister has the same phone as me and hers still works fine even with the new modem. We also have an ipad, a laptop, a wii and a pc and the internet works fine on all of them. Is it my phone or the modem and what should I do? Please help!!!!

  2. rshivakmr

    rshivakmr New Member

    U might have a belkin router for sure. Ok so it disconnects right after 3 mins and gets re reconnected after 2-3 secs so.. go to your routers ip adress, if I'm not wrong it would be , lol so then under wireless, there myt be sum settngs click on that. Then find lease time, it would be forever, change this lease time two weeeks. Then ur done
    It will work 100%. This is a prob with all gingerbreD nd android phones.
  3. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    hi..can you please clarify where i can find the lease time settings...i couldnt find it where you mentioned.. i do have a belkin router and do experience the mentioned problems...
  4. JAMENA1000

    JAMENA1000 New Member

    Mine just seemed to clear itself up but yesterday i fell victim to a bigger problem :( I unlocked the phone and the screen started flickering. I still managed to check my emails but when i went to unlock the phone again nothing happened. I tried charging it, taking out the battery and connecting it to my pc but nothing works. Im sure its just the screen as the phone still vibrates when its fully charged. Is this the kind of thing you can get repaired and if not what can I do about it?

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