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Wifi problem with x10 mini proSupport

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  1. rohitkothari

    rohitkothari New Member

    Hi... I bought this piece a couple of days ago and found that the wifi will not work when I try to connect it from home. Whenever it tries to connect to my home wifi ... the router just restarts itself. This happens almost 99% of time. On some very rare ocassion it connects properly to wifi only to be disconnected in a few minutes. I use my laptop, ipod to connect to the wifi and everything works fine with them. It is only when I use 10 mini pro that this problem occurs... Can someone help me out here. The sleep setting has been selected to "Never".

  2. Clothahump

    Clothahump New Member

    I've send my x10 mini pro back about this self same thing.
    However, I can get wi-fi to work fine as long as I'm no more than 2 meters from the router. Both at work and home and my buddies place.
    There must be something wrong with it to have such a terrible range!
  3. dark child

    dark child New Member

    install WIFI FIXER from the android market...it worked for me...
  4. OzyGuy

    OzyGuy New Member


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