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  1. GalaxyApollo

    GalaxyApollo Member

    This problem is much different to the others as I can connect to any other network apart from my one and I usually can and I have tried forgetting the network and rewriting the code in and they were all CAPS etc etc.. Im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem otherwise I think I might need to get a new phone only after 8 months use..


  2. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    it sounds like more an issue with your router then your phone since you are able to connect to other wifi networks.
  3. GalaxyApollo

    GalaxyApollo Member

    But all my other phones and computers can connect without a breeze :/
  4. penpoint

    penpoint Member

    My phone was faultless until a new router was supplied a few days ago. Never had issue with one for wifi (only use it for phone as PC is wired). New router has fixed speed issue. My ISP tells me on phone that new routers have had negative feedback, so it would appear to be that. Not sure if it may be due to the new router being "n" type.
  5. penpoint

    penpoint Member

    Fixed :)
    Just thought I'd say I managed to fix this. From another forum it was suggested disable the 'n' capability of the router. The phone is supposed to be 802.11b/g/n just like the router, but there is clearly a problem that disabling 'n' fixes. It's not straightforward as one has to use telnet commands as in here Telnet Commands for a Thomson Router

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