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  1. kunalyadav

    kunalyadav New Member

    I use Reliance Netconnect for internet and I am broadcasting the connection through wifi but my a70 is not able to detect it even when iPod is able to connect through this connection.
    Is this because of weak wifi antenna of a70 or something else is wrong. Pls help

  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Which ROM u use?
    use Leandros it gives better signal
  3. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    If you are using Adhoc network to tether, it will not work. Android does not have adhoc network support..
    If you are not using adhoc network, try changing the protection type from WEP to WPA ..
  4. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Try using connectify app... Google it it may be because of ad hoc WiFi network or try changing channels in WiFi settings
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  5. kunalyadav

    kunalyadav New Member

    thanks a lot sam. It worked.
  6. mdimran247

    mdimran247 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I cannot connect to FB and Youtube applications while using Wifi. If using 2G I can able to connect. Any Suggestions ?!!!
    I don't know whether this is a right place to post my query. Plz excuse if wrong.... :)
  7. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    What error does it show?
  8. madan6606

    madan6606 Active Member

    Hey guys i'm planning to get a wifi router in my house to use a70....i'm using a tata indicom broadband connection....can u guys plz suggest a router compatible with tata indicom....and can u help me setting it??

    Thanks in advance
  9. mdimran247

    mdimran247 Well-Known Member

    It is showing Connection Timed out, Try again!
  10. salcykhan

    salcykhan Well-Known Member

    i have h3 installed i have n900 hotspot wifi but my max a70 does not find it. i did change it to wep on my "900 juikspot"

    other cellphone find my wifi from n900.


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