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  1. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis Well-Known Member

    I have Hughes Net internet. WiFi.
    My GN3 keeps disabling the WiFi saying it is too slow.
    It works fine with my GN 10.1 and my old phone. Any ideas?


    strange things happening now. At first my GN3 was extremely slow downloading via WiFi while complaining about the WiFi being unstable then it turned it off.
    30 minutes later it turned WiFi on and began operating at normal speed
    No changes made in the interim.

  2. Lateck

    Lateck Well-Known Member

    I too have issues with my N3 and WiFi.
    Won't connect, drops and shows poor signal......
    I did have issues where the WiFi would keep turning on even when I have it "off". :mad:
    Sprint says I need to take it in to have them test the antenna.
    So, I feel there is a problem. :smokingsomb:

    Good Luck,
  3. 1up5dn

    1up5dn Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just discovered that mine won't connect to my Gopro camera via wifi for that same reason. It keeps telling me the connection is too slow and then it disconnects from it. Why can't it just tell me a warning about the speed but stay connected?

    Anyone know if you can replace the wifi manager without being rooted?


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