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  1. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member


    12 days and samsung galaxy 3 has started giving me a few problems...for 4-5 days i used wifi to the max and was working perfect on my phone...one fine day when i tried switching on the wifi it switched off automatically after 10-15 seconds.i tried switinng the phone off and on (the solution of all the basic problems in phones ;) ) but it didnt work...
    When i called up samsung helpline i was asked to visit a nearest service center....there i was informed that they didnt have softwares for this phone and it might take 20-25 :eek: days to get it serviced........

    any one else acing this problem...or does any one have any solution....

    Android is too good but Samsung service in India is pathetic....i'll never buy any other samsung device for sure......

  2. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member

    78 views no reply.....is this problem too rare...lolzz.....anyways...have reset my phone and the wifi is working perfectly fine now...altho i lost my data....but the phone is more imp...
  3. Rohaan

    Rohaan New Member

    hey i have the same problem .... i reset the phone too lost my data........ 12 days later same problem!!! is there a fix for this???? someone please help!!
  4. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member


    Only option is to go to a samsung service center.....:mad:
  5. anish.awalkar

    anish.awalkar Member

    dats a unique problem...mst be sum defect...i m using it since a month now & i didnt face such problem...u mst hav gt a faulty 1...service it best optiion
  6. Rohaan

    Rohaan New Member

    i'll do that but i dont wanna lose messages will they be able to fix it and retaain data
  7. a1raju

    a1raju New Member

    I am also having same problem. I would like to know how to reset the phone.
  8. nippiagg

    nippiagg New Member

    Me also usin galaxy 3.hsv same prob.lm fed up of factory reset.if u get any soln by samsung jus lemme kno
  9. nippiagg

    nippiagg New Member

    Pls guys help me......
  10. Crackity Jones

    Crackity Jones New Member

    having the same problem myself.

    Really annoying
  11. kostasmac69

    kostasmac69 New Member

    having the same problem!!!!! wtf did anyone solve it? its not a network problem i have tested it with 50 different networks!!! it must be hardware problem
  12. nippiagg

    nippiagg New Member

    guy i think i resolved mine(for now)...prob starts when u use forget nw option and then u re enter ur passwod ...this creates an issue .....avoid this ....try to switch on an off ur wi fi for connection ...hope it helps u
  13. paacific

    paacific New Member

    guys, i am having the same trouble in my Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801, WIFI is not switching ON.

    Any ideas how to Turn it ON again ? :confused:
  14. gradice

    gradice New Member

    i am struggling with this samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 WI FI can someone help me as well please, this phone i just had it for a week and now the WI FI ain't working what should i do HELP HELP HELP
  15. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    I would backup all your data to your SD card and send it in to get serviced. It's probably a hardware defect.
  16. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    Drag down the menu from the top of your phone (Home)and click on Wi-Fi to turn it on (it will be green).
    Click on Setting -->Wireless and Network -->Wi-Fi Settings --> Click on Wi-Fi so the green check mark appears. This should turn on your Wifi.
  17. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    If you are using a home router, you have to enter your WEP/WAP key info again. I exited and had to re enter info. If I just turn it off, I don't.
  18. lacko

    lacko New Member

    I have the same problem on my galaxy I5801. If i turn on wifi, wifi cannot find any connection, and automatically turn off itself. Any ideas?I have tried to turn off the phone, but it have not helped.
  19. ajagtap

    ajagtap New Member

  20. Welsh Guy

    Welsh Guy Member

    I recently bought a Samsung Apollo I5800. At first it would not even recognise a wifi signal from my Belkin N router. It took several hours to find the solution. I changed the channel that the router broadcasts to channel 1 and this solved the problem. My Apollo now connects with no problem and the connection is stable. If you have problems with a wifi connection try changing the broadcast channel of your router until you find a channel that is compatible with all your devices.
  21. colincoo

    colincoo New Member

    I had much the same problem as others, and none of the above solutions worked for me. Phone tried to connect to a wifi network which had previously worked fine with it. It hung trying to get an ip address from the router. (And don't worry - the issue wasn't with with encryption/password, or MAC filtering.) Even restoring to factory settings and deleting all data didn't fix it.

    The odd thing is that my router could see the phone, and as far as it was concerned, the router had given it an ip address. It's just that the phone hadn't chosen to receive and use this ip address.

    So I downloaded WiFi Buddy, logged onto the router, noted the ip address that the router had given the android phone (changed the device name too - but don't think that was iimportant) set up the router to always give that device the same ip address, and on WiFi buddy set up the phone to have the same fixed ip address. (Had to also enter data for the ip address of the access point, subnet mask and dns servers too, of course.) Now works a treat.

    Easy to switch off the fixed ip address on the phone when elsewhere too.
  22. szymczyknold

    szymczyknold New Member

    im having a problem too on my SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I5800 .. when i entered a free wifi zone it connects but i cannot enter to any sites even the android market, and when try to enter to other free wifi zone i cant connect.. did anyone have the same problem as mine??

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