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  1. wolf421

    wolf421 New Member

    Ok here's the problem, my Samsung Galaxy Precedent will not stay connected to my home wifi network no mater what I do. It just keeps on saying that it's scanning for a network connection. I've tried turning off the 3G network to force it to use the wifi but then I have no data connection period.

    Does anyone know a fix for this?


  2. spede150

    spede150 Member

    if its a stock phone you have to let it scan and then tell it what wifi to connect to once it has a list ...also the 3g should turn off automatically when you turn on the wifi...hope that helps
  3. Gangreless

    Gangreless Member

    Make sure you're doing what the previous poster said, ensure that you actually are trying to connect to your network. If the problem you're having is it's connecting and then immediately disconnecting, try rebooting your router. I've this issue a few times and every time I just had to reboot the router and it worked fine.
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  4. wolf421

    wolf421 New Member

    My phone is a stock one besides the few apps I've installed. I know that for one it is not my router having the problem. My router has at any given time two laptops connected via wifi and a PS3 then one other cell phone (different brand and model).
    But for peace of mind I did restart the router this evening after everyone went to bed. Then as the router was restarting I restarted my phone also.

    I went and did a little digging around in my routers settings. Lo and behold for some messed up reason my router had the MAC address of my phone shoved over on the blocked list!
    I just switched it over to unblocked and bam! My wifi is working!!!

    This just proves that I can't work on anything (especially my computer or phone) when my wife and son are awake!!!
  5. TheIceBreaker

    TheIceBreaker Member

    I will add my question to this thread since it has to do with wifi. I was at a buddies house last night and I wasn't able to pick up his wifi, just wasn't finding it. Do not have this problem at my home with my wifi. And his wifi was on and working because his laptop and other things were running off of it.

    I can't figure out why my phone wasn't picking up his wifi.
  6. GreggWh

    GreggWh Member

    Just a thought, was his wifi locked? Sometimes that will keep "intruders" from finding the network.
  7. TheIceBreaker

    TheIceBreaker Member

    I don't believe so, my laptop had no problems

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