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Wifi randomly disconnectsSupport

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  1. Longi

    Longi Member

    Hello there!

    So I have a wildifre s which is on 2.3.5 and rooted. I watch a lot of youtube videos on it. While watching a video sometimes the wifi ransomly derps itself and disconnects from the internet. Although the wifi icon in the statusbar still indicates that it is still connected I can't access anything feom the internet. When I go check the wifi settings and icon magicly disappears, the wifi toggle button dims and say "Turning off...". And when I tap on wifi settings all the options are dimmed so I basicly can't do anything and the wifi stays in the "Turning off..." state. I need to reboot the phone to get it working again. It also heppened when the phone wasn't rooted so I don't think rooting the phone caused it. My guess would be that wifi derps itself when a high amount of dqta is transferred (it only happened while watching videos on youtube) because my computer used to so the same when uploading large files (that got fixed). It is very annoying having to restart the phone everytime it does this and it happenes quite often so any help would be appreciated.


  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    I never had that happening to me so wouldn't really be able to help you but I do have a feeling you are right about the high data download. Maybe it's too much for the phone to process.
  3. Longi

    Longi Member

    If its the phone then I shouldn't be the only one who is experiencing it right? And I didn't find any posts regarding this issue on this forums and with google (or i just didn't do a thorough search).

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