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  1. driffty66

    driffty66 Active Member

    hi,i used to own a galaxy s3 and had no problems with wifi reception in any area of my home.
    a couple of months ago i was tempted and took a xperia z with the free headphone offer.
    i quite like the phone other than the camera is soso and the wifi reception is terrible.
    my morning routine of sitting in bed checking email,facebook and some news as been ruined by wifi constantly coming and going.(moving the modem is not really an option)
    so i am contemplating selling the xperia and getting a s4 but only if the wifi is as good as its predecesor.
    if you have upgraded could you tell me how they compare please.

  2. Tsepz_GP

    Tsepz_GP Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi. I've had GS2, GS3 and now GS4 and I can confirm the GS4 wifi signal is a bit better than GS3 which had excellent wifi reception, can't complain at all. :)
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  3. driffty66

    driffty66 Active Member

    thanks Tsepz_GP,thats all i wanted to hear.

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