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  1. blobbydude1

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    I'm not sure whether anyone else has this, I've been searching for a while but I couldn't find anything (Likely I may have just been searching for the wrong thing) but on my old phone, an LG Optimus One P500, and my new one, LG Optimus 2x P990, I keep getting a bug with the WiFi. What I want to happen is that when I put my phone to sleep for the WiFi to stay connected, which kinda works. After about half an hour, if I wake it and try to use the WiFi (It still says it's connected), no page will load.
    This happens with any app that connects to the internet; I can't get messages on Facebook Messenger, and Boat/Dolphin browser, the stock browser, and Aurora all fail to load.

    I'm running Stable CM7 on my 2x and was running a port of CM7 on my P500, although running a port of CM9 on my P500 gave the same bug. Is this something that can be fixed or something I've just gotta put up with?

    Also I've set up the WiFi sleep policy to Never and disabled any UV on both of the phones and it's still giving the same errors.

  2. AndyOpie150

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    I would start by going to menu/settings/applications/running applications. Kill them all. Watch and see which ones come back on their own. Monitor the ones that come back on. Download Connection tracker. It will display every app that try's to "Call Home". If you find one that "Call's Home" and is on the SD card, move it to the system. If it's on the system delete it.
    This type of rouge app could be reeking all kinds of havoc with your system.

    If this doesn't help, it might be the ROM. Download a fresh ROM and Gapp's then check the MD5 sum after downloading. If the MD5 sum of the download doesn't match the MD5 sum at the download site, delete it and start over. Make sure you do it from a PC if possible as the download speed is faster (the slower the speed the more often you'll see corruption).

    Download LBE *************. You can now restore the app/apps that where "Calling Home" to much. Deny the phone ID for every app that does not need to check for an app license, or user account. Make all apps in the rest of the sections prompt you when they seek to communicate. This will keep the apps from crashing. You now can decide what you will allow or deny.
    Don't forget to monitor the app's for a few days to make sure their behaving

    It's shocking just what these apps want to do.
  3. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    I did that on CM7, didn't work, flashed another ROM over the top of CM7 (this time based on the stock ROM) and it still didn't work, so I tried formatting System, clearing user data and the flashing the Stock-based ROM again yet it still has the bug. I don't think it's my access point either, since another phone in the household (Samsung Galaxy SII) connects fine and holds the connection. Could it just be something to do with LG phones?
  4. AndyOpie150

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    Hmmmm. You might have to install the app Juice Defender ( Don't tell anybody I advised you to do this). You can set it up to do what you need, maybe?
  5. blobbydude1

    blobbydude1 Member

    I've figured out my problem; although it's not a definite fix it is a workaround that seems to do the job.

    I got an app called "WiFi Fixer" that runs in the background and fixes the connection.

    Like I said, not a definitive repair but it fixes it at the expense of battery life (apparently, I've not noticed anything really)
  6. AntimonyER

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    Since we are dealing with rooted and ROM'd phones, I moved this to the All Things Root section, Thanks for understanding. :)

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