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  1. MochaBearX

    MochaBearX Member

    is any one else having this problem? usually happens when charging, but also happens when im carrying it around in my pocket. Is there a fix for this? Because I feel that its draining my batter quicker.

  2. QingWu

    QingWu Well-Known Member

    Actually it's a application named connection optimizer did this.
    If you won't this feature, you can go the following menu to disable it:
    Settings>more>mobile networks>connection optimizer

    Here is the introduction for Connection Optimizer:
    Connections Optimizer enables Boost to adjust network selection on your Warp Sequent as you move between different coverage areas, dynamically connecting them to 3G, or to Wi-Fi as appropriate. It can provide intelligent data traffic management by encouraging automatic offloading from the cellular network to suitable Wi-Fi networks.
  3. MochaBearX

    MochaBearX Member

    thank you verymuch!
  4. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    yeah I shut mine off
  5. peasarecool

    peasarecool Well-Known Member

    wifi is generally better on battery than 3g
  6. Not Tech Savvy

    Not Tech Savvy New Member

    I called ZTE's hotline and explained this problem to them and I don't think the woman I spoke to really understood and just to get rid of me told me to reset the phone and it would fix the problem. I'm glad I found this forum and even better thanks to QingWu I now know that there is nothing wrong with my phone and how to stop the wi-fi from turning on by itself. Thanks!!!
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  7. cjnieux

    cjnieux New Member

    every time my wifi connects both the wifi indicator and bar indicator both go gray. when i shut off the wifi my bars go green. I work in a hotel with free wifi, so it was turning on by itself all the time. I now have it shut off and when I am away from the hotel i will turn it back on

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