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Wifi Tether

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  1. asadowsky

    asadowsky New Member

    I just flashed to 3.1 on my 002 DInc, doing a complete wipe in the process. I've noticed that the 3G Tether app (really, just a shortcut app) that came with Froyo isn't present, but the function appears to be available in the Network Settings, which is, I suppose, not a big deal. However, when enabling the function, it's being somewhat temperamental. When I try to enter the Hotspot configuration (to modify the SSID, specify encryption, add a password, etc.), I get a "stopped unexpectedly" error. The tether continues to operate, but I can't change the settings.

    I suppose this is somewhat minor, but that error, and the missing app to "quick start" tethering, are a few things I thought I'd mention as being part of my experience.

    Anyone have any insights into this?

  2. asadowsky

    asadowsky New Member

    Okay, nevermind. I found the toggle for the 3G app in Virtuous Buddy, and that made everything better.

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