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Wifi Tethering

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  1. poler166

    poler166 Well-Known Member

    hi Guys i recently got my zio i rooted with androot, i downloaded the wifi tethering app but it gives me this Error...

    "No NetFilter!"

    "Sorry, but your kernel does not have all necessary features for running this application"

    Please help!!!

  2. EatMyRobot

    EatMyRobot New Member

    Well I did the same thing last night but I can tether! I had purchased Easy Tether and had installed it for wired tether. It is a ten dollar app. Well I think that the kernel of that program made it possible for the Wifi Tether app I downloaded to work. I am presently tethered to my netbook and posting this. It asked me if I wanted to give it super user access, I clicked yes and everything is running fine. I used Androot, Super Manager, Easy Tether, and Wireless Tether for Root Users. Everything is working fine !!!!!!
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  3. bhatt86

    bhatt86 Member

    Confirmed working on my Sprint on 2.2 froyo as well
  4. sinisin

    sinisin Active Member

    For Cricket Users, you can open up your File Manager, make sure to have R/W access, and go to data/FLEX/cci_ro.prop and open in text editor. Then find the line that says ro.tether.denied=True and edit the True to say False. Make sure you capitalize the F. It should prevent Cricket from seeing any data used by the tether.
  5. Noble Soran

    Noble Soran New Member

    Confirmed working on my Sprint on 2.2 froyo as well
  6. liltwentytwo

    liltwentytwo Member

    yo i didnt kno how 2 do any of wat you said man...
  7. MushMind

    MushMind New Member

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