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  1. Foxhole

    Foxhole New Member

    I have a Dell streak 7 and on my google Play when I click.on it it tells me no connection the samething will happen with all my other wifi required apps and I go back to wifi setting and it tells me that I'm connected to my wifi service BUT I can surf the Web absolutely fine anybody got any suggestions because I'm clueless

  2. PapaTim

    PapaTim Member

    I have the same problem.
    I'm not sure when it started acting this way, it's my wife's and she doesn't use it much.
    I know it pushed thru an update a bit ago, that maybe the problem, but not sure.
    It seems like the only web connection that works is the browser.
  3. fa4han

    fa4han New Member

    do confirm that you've set the DATA NETWORK option to your WiFi instead of GSM NETWORK Provider's ..

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