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  1. I am new to android (Former winMo user) so far I love it. However I have now found one setback with my new Incredible. Support for Enterprise wifi. :confused:

    My place of employment has a rotating key WEP wifi setup with security certificates. The wifi shows up as "Secured with WEP" and when you try to join it it only has an option of entering a WEP hex Key. However the key is actually provided by a IT provided security certificate.

    I have imported the certificate and attempted setting up the connection manually with 802.1x Enterprise, specifying the correct SSID. EAP Method of TLS allows specification of the certificates but the wifi connection then shows as "Not in range, remembered" My assumption is that TLS is an WPA protocol and not WEP. (I'm a software developer, not a wireless expert)

    We have managed to get Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad's on the network without any issues. Android however is giving us a terrible time. Anyone have any idea how we can get these devices on the wifi network?


  2. According to the api documentation it appears as though this should be supported. Still cannot figure out how to do it though! Specifies that dynamically generated WEP keys are supported
    WifiConfiguration.KeyMgmt | Android Developers

  3. WellTanned

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    Has anyone found the solution here?
    It's not that no certificates are on the phone, it's that the phone identifies the WEP Enterprise (EAP-TLS) as WEP PSK (Private Shared Key) so does not allow access to the Enterprise configuration in the GUI. Tried creating the correct SSID entries manually, but it is always 'out of range' and the SSID in range only asks for the PSK.
    What really annoys me is that my old HTC Magic (2.2.1) connects correctly

    HTC Desire HD 2.2

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