WiFi will not stay connected!!! Help

  1. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    I got my Vibrant yesterday and hooked it up to my wifi (netgear g-router). Everything worked great... for about 30 seconds. I was able to jump through a few pages and then it stops loading... eventually i get a message with something to the effect of "cannot connect to server, please try again later".. this is not word for word.

    I called t-mo support and they were not able to find anything so they are sending me a new Vibrant, but I have a feeling that this problem will persist.. I read through different posts and found a few that listed this problem... some suggested:

    -Download the WiFi Fixer app from the android market
    -Switch the router settings from B/G to just G (I dont remember what mine are set to now, but i'll try this out when I get home from work)..

    If I really have to switch my router settings, what will I do if I'm travelling and have to use a hotel's wifi hotspot or something??

    Does anyone have any ideas about this?? I have no problems with my wifi on my MyTouch 3G... so I'm not sure if this is a Samsung issue or an Android issue... either way, I either have to figure out a fix or get rid of the phone.

    Please help if you can! any suggestion is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  2. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    Never did like Netgear, and Linksys sucks. I've always have had good things to say about D-Link hardware. Anyways this isn't Android related but just general wifi hints, is to scan for all wifi signals in your home and make sure you're is on an open channel. On Android there is wifi analzyer and on a pc there is inSSIDer. Both will show a chart of signal strength and channel usage by all wifi signals.

    In my apartment there are quite a few, and when I switch my router to a more open space, I was getting better signal quality in the bed room(farthest away from router). I could even pick mine up from the parking lot.
  3. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    ok, here is what i have tried so far...

    installed WiFi Fixer on my Vibrant (did not work)
    transfered to a clear channel on my router (did not work)
    changed my router mode from b/g to just g (did not work)
    installed the Opera browser (worked a little, but generally bad)
    rebooted the phone (did not work)
    rebooted the router (did not work)

    ...i'm out of ideas... there is a new vibrant in the mail for me from t-mo... but i'm thinking that this is going to be the same problem...

    is noone else having a problem with this?
  4. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    Reset your router, default settings, no security. btw how does your pc/laptop handle? Try pingtest.net on your computer. If you wireless is good, you should have no packet loss and low ping and jitter time. If you are getting a bad grade from it, then I'd say something wrong with your wireless.

    If it works out, do a factory reset on the phone(yes a pain but hey you will probably be sending in for a replacement anyways). Connect to your wireless(just saying again leave it in its default state, no security). If it works, then add in your settings one by one, keep checking the phone connection till you can single out what isn't working. Also if you know anyone else with a wifi capable phone to help test it out, try that too.
  5. truoc444

    truoc444 Well-Known Member

    have you tried a factory reset? my vibrant was having tons of issues and after about a week i did a factory reset and everything started working and it was running quicker. Do you have problems when you are sitting close to the router or just in the other room? Can you redirect the antenna on the router and point them towards the phone?
  6. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    I tried to do a factory reset and I reset the router, nothing seems to be working. I think this is a software issue... I really hope the next phone is ok... I'm gonna try to remove settings from the router one by one to see what happens...
  7. truoc444

    truoc444 Well-Known Member

    Try changing the type of encryption or removing it completely.
  8. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    So I ended up exchanging my Vibrant for another one, and this obviously did not fix the problem... The WiFi still did not stay connected further than maybe 3 or 4 web pages. I completely reset the router (NETGEAR G), and this did nothing as well.. When I was over at a friends house, the phone worked with his Linksys router.. So when I got home, I dug up my old Linksys B router and everything worked just fine... outside of my transfer rate maxing out at something like 11mbs. I got a new Linksys E1000 router (N/G/B), and of course everything is lightning fast. So I still don't know what specifically the problem was with my Netgear router, but I LOVE the new linksys router so I'm not complaining.
  9. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    All routers are not created equal. Oh something I think everyone forgot to mention, did you check if there were any firmware updates?
  10. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Having dealt with the Netgear personally at work, we don't have answers, but the D-Link far exceeds the performance the Netgear provided. I have always been D-Link so I may be biased a bit, but Netgear is really the lowest of quality in my book of standards. I do know that streams on the Netgear, for those that connected to listen to streaming radio, would not continuously stream, it would drop in the middle of the stream. I upgraded my D-Link at home that was giving me problems with all the connected devices, at work there isn't as many connecting, took that router to work and I haven't gotten a complaint in the IT department since.
  11. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    My first Vibrant connected to wifi fine. Then I sold it to buy an unlocked Streak, didn't like it so I sold it and bought another Vibrant. The first time I turned on the phone and set it up everything was fine. After that I would try to get on wifi and it would keep saying obtaining address but would never connect.

    I reset the router and everything was fine. Then my girlfriend's laptop was giving her problems connecting (it does this periodically) So I reset the router again. She can get on fine now but my Vibrant is doing the whole obtaining address dance again.
  12. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    I did try the firmware upgrade on the netgear router... didnt work. I'm all netgeared out. I actually wanted to get the d-link router but for some reason bestbuy didnt have any in the store. i love the linksys router though.. looks great, super fast, and it has the one button connection!
  13. AlexG788

    AlexG788 Member

    Kcs7272, I think you are having a different type of issue... mine connected just fine, just would not transmit... I only point this out because while researching my issue, i found a whole bunch of people with the same issue you are having. i think there is a specific thread here for that error.. also i found a bunch of links on google.
  14. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this past spring when I upgraded my router, I tried Best Buy first as I have usually bought things there, just to comp shop more than buy. They don't seem to carry D-Link, unfortunate for them or more so, for end-users. I love being limited what to buy in store as if that is the only thing on the market.

    Microcenter is my favorite place, Micro Center - Computers, Electronics, Computer Parts, Networking, Gaming, Software, and more! bought this current system I am using now from them around ~500 minus the monitor, don't need that upgraded yet lol. This is the real dual mode radio, 2/5 ghz bands for g and n wi-fi. That's what I haven't found out and haven't really taken much time to really care or look, but the vibrant, what are the features for Wi-Fi?

    Anyways, this router was on sale, got it at about 110 from 150-160. Usually can find a deal there, if that doesn't work for you, Pricewatch - Back to School Sales Finder, Price Comparison Shopping sorted by the lowest price - Computer Hardware, Electronics, Clothing and a lot more is also another resource I use. If Microcenter doesn't have it, or if pricewatch has too good of a deal, I'll use pricewatch.

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