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Wifi will not toggle to ON positionSupport

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  1. bobob1916

    bobob1916 New Member

    I have a Nexus S 4G and I cannot get my WIFI to turn ON. When I go to settings and want to toggle from OFF to ON nothing moves and stays in OFF mode. When I touch WIFI a screen comes on and says "Turning Wifi on..." but it never turns on.

    Any suggestions at all would be appreciated. It has worked fine for about a year and then 4 days ago nothing. I did drop it but I have dropped it before and this has never happened.

    I also saved all my data and did a factory default reset and Wifi still does not work and lost all of my apps too.

  2. tpmikey

    tpmikey New Member

    Maybe when you dropped it you messed up the WiFi card inside, or however it connects. Did you try to download a widget to turn on/off WiFi that way without going through the settings on phone?
  3. bobob1916

    bobob1916 New Member

    Would love to do something like that but am pretty clueless how to do it.....don't use bluetooth but have noticed that will not turn on either....any advice would help a lot. Thanks.

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