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WiFi with embeded system.Support

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  1. FrancescoC

    FrancescoC New Member

    can anyone suggest a way to connect my Galaxy Note 10.1 with an embeded system via WiFi?

    My tablet does not even see that WiFi.
    My embeded system uses WEP.

    Maybe you know of an App that can do that!



  2. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you mean by "embedded system"? If your SSID is not being broadcast by the router, you should be able to enter the SSID manually and get the tablet to connect. Is that what you're asking?
  3. FrancescoC

    FrancescoC New Member

    An 'Embeded system' is generally a PCB with a microcontroller and with an OS or Web Server.

    I have a microntroller board with a web server and WiFi.
    I would like my android tablet to see that web page. But I cannot connect to it.
    Infact the tablet cannot see it on the WiFi settings.

    My PC, however does connect to the server correctly.



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