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  1. joyandme

    joyandme Member

    I currently have a tab that I bought from AT&T with a 2-year contract but their wireless internet service is terrible, so I'm thinking about canceling it and going back to Frontier DSL. It has a SIM card in it and I used wifi off my DSL before I canceled the DSL. If I now cancel the AT&T, leave the SIM card in (or take it out), can I still use wifi off my Frontier DSL? OR will AT&T disable that when I cancel my contract? I'm trying to determine if my tab will work just on wifi without an internet data plan.

    Please advise because their intermittent wireless service is horrible and driving me crazy! I know I'm going to have to pay a cancellation fee, but it's too annoying to be in the middle of a transaction online and lose connection.

  2. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Having a canceled device shouldn't effect how your wifi works. And if for some odd reason it does effect it, pop the sim card out and that should fix the problem. Having a bad esn cdma phone is worse than having a deactivated gsm device.

    If your worried if your wifi won't work without service, take your sim card out and see if it will still connect to wifi (same as having no service at all)
  3. Geezer Squid

    Geezer Squid Well-Known Member

    I have about old droid1 and a bionic. Neither of which has cell service and both are fully functional on our home wifi.
  4. joyandme

    joyandme Member

    Ok, thnk you...that's what I thought but wanted to make sure.

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