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Wifi Won't connect and Questions about hard reset.Support

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  1. k123kirby

    k123kirby New Member

    I have the ascend from cricket. A few days ago I noticed the wifi icon was missing from the notification bar. I check to see if wifi was enabled and it was, when I tried to turn it off it said unable to stop wifi. I took the battery out and turned the phone back on. Then it would let me turn the wifi on and off. It will not connect though, it will show my network or any other for a few seconds but then will not connect and it will not always even show the networks around me. I had easy tether installed and I removed it, still no change. Installed a cache cleaner, still no change. I restored the phone via the privacy setting. I started the hard reset hold down volume up send button thing and chickened out when I got to the recovery screen. I also downloaded some wifi apps and they did the same thing, showed a network for a seconds but would not let me connect. I would like to think its a software issue because if the wifi radio or antenna or whatever this has, is damaged I wouldn't think it would come on intermittently. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

  2. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    That could be a hardware failure, as bad hardware doesn't always completely fail. I've seen plenty of wireless cards in laptop and desktop PC's stop connecting or detecting networks even though they still showed up as installed and "working normally". If you haven't done a factory restore, I would suggest trying that first. If that doesn't fix the problem, take it back to the store and tell them the WiFi isn't working and ask for a replacement.
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  3. k123kirby

    k123kirby New Member

    I'm a little nervous about the factory reset. I'm not sure what to do after I reach the recovery screen. I'm willing to try it though. I've been a cricket customer for years and I know what a huge hassle it is to get them replace one of their broken products.
  4. oshaguar

    oshaguar Member

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