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Wifi won't connect on tabletSupport

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  1. Jaywash124

    Jaywash124 Member

    So yesterday after charging my ice cream sandwich tablet, i turned it on and tried to play dragonvale like i always do, but this time it saus there was an connection error, even though my tablet said it was connected, the same happens with play store, youtube, and gmail, and everything else requiring a connection. I know it's not my wifi. because it still works on my laptop and phone, and it works for my brothers tablet. It's just mine that wont work. Any ideas as to why this might be?

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Jaywash.

    A couple of possibilities:

    Did you charge the device via USB cable on your laptop, or in the ac wall plug? Sometimes the USB cable charging can be unreliable on some devices and laptops.

    But first and foremost is to be sure the wifi settings in the device are all in place and correct, and match the settings of other devices which work on that network, especially the password/key, of course. Also, sometimes the channel the router is set on is too crowded to accommodate several devices at the same time. Just check everything in the wifi settings area first.

    Did you see an indication that the battery was indeed charged?

    If the other devices work on the same network, and if more than one networking app/widget cant' connect, and if everything was fine prior to the charging of the device, I would suspect the charging apparatus: cable and connector, even the charging port on the device.

    I'd test this by acquiring another cable and running another charge. If the problem remains, a new battery.
  3. Jaywash124

    Jaywash124 Member

    I charged it via ac wall plug

    I don't think it's the wifi settings as I've never messed with them and it worked fine prior



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