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  1. louballs

    louballs Member


    For some reason my G1 will not stay connected to my wifi network. The signal is fine and my laptap has no issues. It will connect for about 10-20 seconds, then disconnect and then reconnect itself. It will do this over and over again until i shut off wifi. Any ideas why this may be happening????

  2. bungdung91

    bungdung91 Member

    I've got a similar issue...

    I have had the chance to try two different networks in the same area my laptop will stay connected on both. My G1, however, only stays connected with one.

    I would take this to mean that it has something to do with the wifi settings on the wireless router. I just don't know what.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

  3. louballs

    louballs Member

    I dont know if its a router setting. I havent changed anything on my router for a long time and this just started happening recently, seemingly with no rhyme or reason.... No one has any suggestions yet i guess??
  4. korgoth3

    korgoth3 Member

    i had the same problem but i think it was router, i replaced the router and all is working well. i also rooted the phone, so i dont know what it was. i thiit was router.
  5. louballs

    louballs Member

    my router is fine and the firmware is up to date...pretty strange stuff. none of my other wireless connections have any issues.
  6. naruszef

    naruszef New Member

    And similar issue here.

    Router: d-link DI-524 (G version), latest firmware

    Router log:

    Any ideas? ;/

  7. louballs

    louballs Member

    all problems, no help it seems....
  8. Droid601

    Droid601 New Member

    This THING SUCKS... Bought my kids both IPOD Touch.. NP with my Belkin 54 g router...

    Also Bought 2 Of these Suck ass droids and I cannot get the wireless to work.

    Really Pissed I have to go out and get a new router...Ya...Its old but WTF...
    One thing that is really strange... One of them works fine...and I see it in the list of DHCP assigned IP address...

    The other I have tried everything...Setting a fixed IP allows it to connect for about 1 min then dies...and even then its never really connected.

    SAD to here others have had the issue for at least a few months...and I guess no Solid Replies...

    Good luck getting in the Mobile space that Apple Owns... I have several Mac's Ipods PlayStation ETC.. Everything works...1st time EVery time...

    I am going back to the Verizon store tomorrow and getting rid of this thing..
  9. dholland

    dholland New Member

    It's got to be the router I use linksys and I went to a friends house and used his wi-fi which was the AT&T Router it worked fine.

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