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  1. smilepak

    smilepak Well-Known Member

    I use Dolphin Browser HD, that works well too.

  2. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member


    Nevertheless, thanks for the review.
  3. dvandam

    dvandam Well-Known Member

    Its not that the tablet is too heavy but its bulky and doesn't fit in my pocket like a kindle or tab.
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  4. ronin67

    ronin67 Active Member

    Just wanted to know before I spend my hard earned money on a Motorola Xoom WiFi if it is all that and a bag of chips? Mind you, I will still get a iPad 2 a little later down the road. I just want to know if this is the best Android tablet out there right now and worth $599.00? Any and all input would be deeply appreciated.

    May God Bless!

  5. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    U r better off waiting at this point to see what the new Samsung 8.9 & 10.1, HP, RIM and Toshiba bring out over the next few months. 3.0 on the Xoom feels like too much of a Beta product. I would wait.

    iPad2 is an amazing tablet and u will be satisfied with it. We are expecting the 4.3.1 jailbreak any day now, to allow for complete customization. Expect a bit of light bleed though. Seems to effect 90% or more of all iPads, including mine. But tbh, you will never notice it under normal use.
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  6. cablerep79

    cablerep79 Active Member

    Love my Xoom. $600 love it? Maybe, but cheaper alternatives are just around the corner. Mine has exceeded my expectations in every way. The deciding factor for me is that this is a Google Experience device so it will be very well supported by Google, Moto, and lots of ambitious devs :)
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  7. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

    well there are rumors of an LG made Nexus tablet floating around so if you're not dying to get 1 right now, I would say just wait
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  8. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    Its the best android tablet currently available in the market right now. But there are all the real good ones coming along this year.
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  9. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Definitely depends on your patience level. June will bring a half dozen tablets that will be equal to or better than the Xoom, and maybe cheaper price too. The Xoom is very very nice though so I have no complaints.

    If you really want one now, the Xoom is great. If you have the patience - wait till June. Toshiba and HTC are the two I would watch them most.
  10. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    Remember thou, some of these high profile tablets (Samsung, HTC Flyer) are gonna be skinned with TouchWiz (Samsung) or not even running Honeycomb out of the gate (HTC Flyer will run Sense 2.0). The Moto Xoom is a Pure Google Experience. The only tablet that interests me is the HTC Flyer. I do like the 7" form factor and the Flyer can be a very productive device (for Students and using in a business sense). This is a very interesting video:
    HTC Flyer parades its many unique qualities in latest video from the company -- Engadget
  11. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    Fanboy? How do you know he'd be satisified with the ipad? I wouldn't be, after messing with one for days.

    Personally, I'm LOVING my Xoom! My daughter as an ipad 2, and I'd take my xoom, even with its growing pains, over the app drawer/grid of icons ipad 2, any day. The ipad is a nice tablet, but it is NOT an end-all, everything tablet by a long shot.
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  12. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    I agree. I had an iPad 2 and took it back and got the Xoom instead. I was not impressed with the iPad at all. I have a 32GB iPod Touch and to me the iPad 2 is just a blown up iPod Touch.

    Now the Xoom, I am very impressed. For being a 1st iteration OS (Honeycomb), it runs pretty darn well and smooth.
  13. zackman2091

    zackman2091 Well-Known Member

    I have had my xoom for about 2 weeks and i am starting to dislike it I love the tsblet option but xoom just isn't working so here is why I do and don't like it


    Like the option of a tablet because of the portability
    Love being able to do just about anything on it
    size is great
    The honeycomb apps are amzing
    Like being able to have al my calendar and events in the tablet

    There are just about NO good apps other then the ones madejust for honeycomb, every app is either stretched or completly awkward on the screen
    The back facing speakers are dumb when you you have the xoom on ur lap
    Xoom seems to lag alot and is terribly slow when trying to move from screen to screen and other things
    When playing music it randomly stops seeming like a task killer killed it
    No SD card option now
    Feel like honeycomb is beta and not ready

    Myself I will more than likely take this back. I do not think that for 600 dollars it is worth it I will prob go ahead and get the flyer because I like the sence overlay and I love HTC products. The fact that no apps are ready for honeycomb yet is a huge reason I am going to take this back
  14. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    What I don't understand is all the complaining about No Apps. I have 45 Apps on my Xoom (Tablet and Phone) and they all seem to work and look just fine. Either my 43 year old eyes are decieving me OR this issue really is not that big. Now the majority of the Apps I have are Phone Games, BUT they look and play just fine. I can't even tell they are stretched as the Xoom does a Wonderful job of this.

    What Apps (are the guys complaining about No Apps) looking for? Darn near every App I looked for or wanted is in the MarketPlace (if not, I just find the .apk and side load it, no big deal).
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  15. zackman2091

    zackman2091 Well-Known Member

    Facebook, the weather channel, funnyjokes, fml official, sports tap, engadget, myfitnesspal

    All those apps seems that all the developer just stretched the app and did nothin to try and make it seem like it was made for bigger devices (tablets)

    Paper toss (opens wrong 8 outta the 10 times i try and open it and its zoomed all the way in where you cant see nothing), x construction (looks like it was streched), Fatbooth (works but doesnt support side landscape), Urban dictionary force closes, and a major app that i use when im at work is pandora (it doesnt even open on wifi only, forces closes evertime)

    I know im nit picking everything but if i am paying 600 dollars for a tablet i want apps that work and look great for tablet. I feel that the market has alot of developers that are just making apps that are not that good (i understand it is very very hard to make a good app) but if you look at apples market ( i still hate apple no matter what) they have good apps
  16. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    What we have to understand is the Google just released the SDK what, 2-3 weeks ago. It's going to take a little time for these tablet Apps to materialize. I use the Engadget App everyday and it works just fine. I have it on my HTC Evo as well. I do wish TWC had a good tablet App with a nice Widget (as my Phone does) but it will come.

    Patience will pay off. Yes, we are somewhat Beta testers, but I can live with that as I feel the Xoom is an excellent device. My only complaint is I wish they would hurry up and get the SDCard slot working. I have a 8GB Class 6 card waiting to be used for Movies. Other than that, I am pretty happy and impressed with what I have.
  17. zackman2091

    zackman2091 Well-Known Member

    I completly understand about the waiting for developers to make the good apps, and yes i have engadget on both phone and xoom but feel that xoom is just a stretched version

    Yes patience will pay off and we are beta testers which i should have expected comming into it but with me being un-patient and after using my dads ipad i felt like it wasnt what i expected, also had it turn off 3 times today at random, almost like the processors where under to much stress (as like if i overclocked it to much) and just randomly restarted
  18. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    Tmobole will have the LG tablet available very soon. I might just return the xoom and get something better. I am also very interested in Asus EEE transformer which will be out next.
  19. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    Ty for the info because I am going to get a Xoom next month...

    At first I was worried about the speaker placement and the sdcard not working thing, but I believe the sdcard thing will get fixed with time. And as for the speaker placement thing; I will be holding the Xoom most of the time I play games and listen to music and many times if I use it in public I will have earphones in anyway so it wont matter...

    And sure, I like most are use to the android wake up/on/off button on the side and not the back, but I don't see this as a huge deal.

    Oh, and before I forget:

    I really don't think I'll mind the non-chargin via microUSB mainly because of the fact that; if I can get a full day of normal useage our of the the tablet just by using another charger I will gladly use another charger
  20. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    Battery life is insane, its def not a problem charging non usb. I get around 11~ hours of on screen time (DISPLAY BEING ON) idle I'll lose like 1% every 5 hours(if that), its crazy!

    Also, it charges REALLLLLY fast, I mean prob 20 times faster than my phone.. I don't know exactly how long it takes to charge but it feels like it charges 1% a minute. I love it.

    edit: yesterday the display ON time was around 7 hours, unplugged for 16 hours and I was still at 30%. Thats very heavy usage... for one day, I normally don't even drop below 50% on a full day 6am-12am!
  21. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is very good to here. I don't think I am going to regret my choice to go with Moto over Samsung this time.
  22. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    Ok I lied, I tested the charging. About 21 mins and it charged 14%. Still really good!
  23. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    I just bought an Ipad 2 this week (32gb wifi only) and while I like it, I miss the customization that my Evo has.

    I'll probably stick with it until there's a android tablet that I really like. I messed around with a Xoom at a BB and I really like it. Only issue that really irked me is that split second time it takes for the screen to rotate. The Ipad does it instantly.

    Also I have to agree with some of the reviews about the lack of apps. I know they're coming but there are just so many cool apps for the Ipad that I can see why so many people prefer the Ipad over Android.
  24. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean about android taking longer to rotate then the iOS, but the way I see it is that in order to add the extra features that iOS doesnt have(ex. widgets, etc) AndroidOS had to sacrifice something.
  25. nycebo

    nycebo Well-Known Member

    Candidly guys, the more I've been using the Xoom, the more I have been thinking about it as a browser. Don't really need many of the apps I use on my phone when the web page looks better.

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