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  1. NewToDroid

    NewToDroid Member

    I have a Droid and a home WIFI system but I cannot connect to it with the Droid! I can connect to free sites such as Starbucks, but it will not connect at home. Any suggestions?

  2. DroidDO

    DroidDO Well-Known Member

    What type of router do you have? There is an issue with some N routers where devices which are not N will not connect. Try turning off N mode on the router.
  3. NewToDroid

    NewToDroid Member

    The router is a Linksys G router. I cannot see anything in the set up that should prevent the phone from accessing the WIFI. It says that it ahs remembered the network, but will not connect.
  4. jjr1968

    jjr1968 Well-Known Member

    some people are having luck doing a full re-set of the router.

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