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  1. nathan75

    nathan75 Active Member

    Not able to make february payment,can i use wifi around the house and maybe google voice or skype for calls?

  2. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Sure, your WiFi will continue to work even without cell coverage. I don't think you can receive calls made to your number though with those voice services you suggested. Don't you get a new number assigned with Google Voice?


    I'm not really sure how Google Voice works. I've never used it nor read up on it. Does it send the calls via IP to your phone, or does it forward the call to your phone number using phone lines?
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  3. hchen42

    hchen42 Well-Known Member

    Google voice will work. You can receive and make calls. OP needs an app like sipdroid to get it to receive calls. Also need to make sure wifi stays on all the time, but this could be battery draining.
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