1. T toota

    T toota New Member

    Im traveling to the Bahamas. Does anyone know if i can you my wifi to avoid charges for instant messenger like yahoo and aim and sending and receiving text messages and which app to download for it?

  2. Sachmojo

    Sachmojo Member

    There's an app available on the market called APNdroid (it's free) and it lets you deactivate your mobile/3G data, so you can use that to make sure when you're on your trip, you won't incurr any data charges. You can also just disable data roaming through settings>wireless and networks>mobile networks>data roaming.

    In response to your Wifi question, everything should work fine over wifi and if the wifi is free you won't have to pay a cent to do your instant messaging etc.
  3. Sachmojo

    Sachmojo Member

    Also, you won't be able to send text messages in the standard way over wifi, you can only do that on a cellular network, so you'd get charges.

    maybe you can look into finding a web based sms option? I've never needed it.

    But as I said, your yahoo/AIM will work over wifi.

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