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  1. alanthing

    alanthing Active Member

    I'm running CyanogenMod 6.0.2 and was able to connect a Wii Remote to my phone. Then I got NESoid (and SNESoid) to recognize the button presses on the Input Settings button mapping section. Up, down, left, right, A, B, select, start all mapped to buttons on my remote. But then when I launch the game, the Wiimote doesn't do anything in the game. Do I need to enable or disable something else besides setting the button mappings for it to work properly?

  2. alanthing

    alanthing Active Member

    Has anyone gotten a Wiimote + Incredible working with (S)NESoid?
  3. axemann

    axemann New Member

    Well i have tried every rom i can get to load.... i have problem with cm6... i have an sled screen not sure if that is problem.... any way that is another thread.. check out my video... wiimote on droid incredible.. at axemanmike0 on youtube... btw the problem is the bluetooth stack is incomplete at the manufacturing level????? what ever that means... sounds like verizon bs to me.... but i have tested the wii mote on other android devices ... all work well. except for htc... Seems to me we should be working on wi fi controllers... ( that is basically what i did in my video.. any way someone figure this out

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