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    Most of you might have already scene the new android tablets out in the market. Wiipad is releasing a 10.1" android tablet. It is also known as the Orphan m16 a cheap tablet PC from china.

    This tablet has 2 usb ports, and from my experience with the G1, Android is capable of being a USB-Host.

    My question is, i have a old GPS antenna that I used on my laptop. I want to use it on my android tablet, So I can mount it on my car.

    What would I need to do to make this work?

    Is there a universal driver that I can use, similar to Keyboards and Mice?

    Or will it require a driver being written for it?

    If i find a compatible Linux driver for it, will i be able to make it work? and if so how?

    I know I sound like a Newbe but any information that can lead me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.



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