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Wildfire rooted so what now!

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  1. aanje

    aanje New Member

    Hi I am brand new here. I got sick of "low on internal memory" on my wildfire even after using the guide to download straight to my SD card and so I have now rooted it using the HTCDEV method.
    The main thing I wanted to do was get rid of HTC sense which seems to mainly just use up resources. I have switched it off but it still sits there (with all its other parts) using up memory.

    what is the best next step once the phone has been rooted.
    thanks in advance

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    I suggest before you tweak your phone, make sure you make a nandroid backup via recovery. That will save you in ase you ever run into trouble.
    The second thing I would say is to install Titanium backup. This will allow you to unisntall all bloatware apps (Pre-installed).
    Another good thing with rooted phones is that you can install custom roms!! Make sure you have ROM manager installed. This will help you in installing new roms and backing up the one you have
    I also suggest you get Links2SD on your phone. This will ensure you never have internal memory problems again!
  3. playing around

    playing around Active Member

    Great advice above..
    Basically a ROM is the complete operating system that the phone uses. Most carriers have customized the standard ROM to be how they want it. Unfortunately this also usually includes adding extra stuff (call bloatware) that takes up space also. If you are happy with the standard ROM now you are rooted you could choose to remove some of this bloatware & stick to this standard ROM. Be careful because removing apps from the system can cause it to become unstable (including some apps you would think would not affect it).
    I would advise using a app like Link2SD to enable you to free up more space. You will need to add a second partition to your SD card which this app uses to move data to. The good thing about it is it is separate to the main partition so if you connect to pc as drive to transfer stuff the app can still access the second partition during this time.
    There are plenty of custom ROMS for the wildfire s so do some research before you decide on a ROM. If you do not like HTC Sense there are ROMS which don't include Sense. The main one would be CyanogenMod or better known as CM7 (based on Gingerbread) or CM9 (based on IceCream Sandwich). They are a custom operating system by a talented group of devs made for many Android devices. Unfortunately they have not released an official ROM to suit the WFS yet but the good news is that they have announced that it will be coming soon. All the CM7 & CM9 ROMS avail atm are modified by other people to work on our phone. Most still have bugs in them (especially the newer CM9 ones). The other great thing about custom ROMS is that many include overclocking so you can enjoy better performance from your phone.
    Have a good look around the forum for good information.

    Hopefully what i have said is correct (if not somebody please tell me)
    Hope this helps.
  4. samursus

    samursus New Member

    I am very interested in rooting my Wildfire S, and would like to know where/which forum I could visit to check in on the progress of a CM ROM for the WFS, if anyone has that info. Thanks!
  5. playing around

    playing around Active Member

  6. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    At the moment the Cyanogen is only compatible with Marvel phones. So if your phone is Marvelc, it won't really work well. Some are working on it so myabe in a couple of months you'll get one that works great
  7. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    I'm running CM 7.2 RC1 and YouTube videos play without any issues...
  8. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I moved this to the All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding. :)

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