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  1. jae187

    jae187 Member

    Hi each,

    Hope you can help? I am really disappointed with my wildfire s, the reason being is my memory is so full i can not even acces my photo gallery. I hardly have any apps downloaded apart from Whats app and memory seems to be full. I have 1G memory card but I cant seem to transfer anything off my phone memory to the SD memory!! Any one please help????

    Kindest Regards


  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}


    Welcome to the forum. Other than getting a bigger SDcard or move some apps to the SDCARD, there's pretty much nothing else to do. However, if you haven't yet visited the HTC Wildfire S - Android Forums forum - you should check to see if anyone else has any other idea.

    Good luck. Happy Holidays. :)
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  3. Colinr1234

    Colinr1234 Member

    Having same problem. Keep deleting data all the time to make room. Phone will not sync if there is less than 10% free. :mad:
  4. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    This tip may help:
    [Guide] Move more (most) apps to SD without root (Simplified)

    It's in the HTC Desire tips & tricks section, but it works fine on the Wildfire S. I've done it myself. I'm now running with 29 MB of free memory with 18 installed apps, two of which are Swype (14 MB) and Go SMS Pro (9MB) still in internal memory. The other 16 are all on the SD card.

    Also, why do you only have a 1GB memory card? I thought all Wildfire Ss came with a 2GB card installed. In any case, that's way too small.
  5. jae187

    jae187 Member

    Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for your response and the welcome :). This is one of the main probs I am having, moving apps to the SD card, do not know how to! I will certainly check out the forums see if it points me in the right direction. I need the luck, driving me up the wall.

    Thanks again, happy holidays to you too :):):):)
  6. jae187

    jae187 Member

    Its riduculous!!!! im going to try delete messages!
  7. jae187

    jae187 Member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response. mine came with a 1GB memory card for some reason and the crazy thing is, it is mostly all free got more than 95mb free on the memory card. Anything i tend to download seems to go on to phone memory rather than mem card!! Hence i need to know how to transfer over to memory card! Worst thing is i hardly have any apps which i have downloaded apart from whats app and even that is the old version. I keep getting prompted to download and update new version but ever time i hit the update button its says can not be done not enough memory!!!! please help!!! :confused: That link above has confused me, does it work??

    Cheers again

  8. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have done it with my Wildfire S (A510e) and was able to move several apps over to the SD card that I wasn't able to before.

    The complicated part is getting the Android SDK tools installed on your computer. I used this guide to do it a few weeks back: Instructions on installing the Android SDK. It's not a simple process, but if you follow the directions exactly it will work.

    BTW, don't forget to press the thanks button for those on the forum who have helped out.

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