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Wildfire S - Replaced Digitizer Not WorkingSupport

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  1. BloatedNikBak

    BloatedNikBak New Member

    Hello Everyone

    I've just replaced the digitizer on a friends Wildfire S, as the last was cracked. After doing this many times on other phones i went ahead and replaced it. Everything went well, and saw no other damage to the phone while doing it.

    After completing the replacement, i turned it on, yet the digitizer still was not responding.

    I have read a few forums and found that this is a common issue when replacing them.

    Now unfortunately debugging mode is NOT enabled and the phone is NOT rooted, i have tried creating a gold card so that i can run the touchscreen calibration but i am unable to get the CID to do so.

    What options are available to try, to either get the phone rooted or run the calibration file or get the CID, even though debugging is NOT enabled and the phone NOT being rooted.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Guan

    Guan New Member

  3. kido098

    kido098 New Member

    Ok I have a CDMA wildfire s and this method on the link u provided does not work it gets stuck on jumping to DIAG help please

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