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will andriod market work ?Support

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  1. shooting_star

    shooting_star Member

    heyy guys sorry if this is a noob-ish question but .... okay i'm planning to buy an unlocked phone from hong kong (either xperia x10 or galaxy s, but im leaning more to samsung now).. my question, will android market, youtube, layar and other apps work in australia ??
    thankyou soo much

  2. moylie63

    moylie63 Member

    I have just updated to SGS and i am in NSW Australia, Android working fine as is utube. Cheers
  3. shooting_star

    shooting_star Member

    may i ask where u bought the phone from ?? I'm asking whether the galaxy s works in australia if i buy it from hong kong... i dnt know if u misunderstood me or vice versa... thankyou anyway though ^^

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